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TBBU Partner, Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoirs, 2016 Water Willow Project Video

Texas Black Bass Unlimited Raffle Winners

The winners of the Texas Black Bass Unlimited raffle are:

Prize #1 – Cruise for 2, Anywhere Royal Caribbean Goes, for 8-Days & 7-Nights, Airfare Included
Paul Avenell

Prize #2 – HOWA Series 1500 .243 Lightweight Rifle w/ Scope and Case
Jerry James

Prize #3 – $500.00 Cash
Michael Woeshst

Prize #4 – $200.00 Cash
Wyatt Hanson

Prize #5 – $100.00 Cash
Jerry’s Garage

TBBU would like to thank everyone who participated in our raffle this year and we are looking forward to holding another raffle in 2016 with more exciting prizes! We and Texas’ freshwater fisheries thank you!

Until then, we wish you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year for 2016!

DSHS Issues Lake Livingston and Trinity River Fish Advisory

News Release
Dec. 18, 2015

The Texas Department of State Health Services today issued a fish consumption advisory for Lake Livingston and portions of the Trinity River after laboratory testing of fish samples found elevated levels of dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls or PCBs.

The Lake Livingston advisory is for seven types of fish – blue catfish, flathead catfish, freshwater drum, gar, smallmouth buffalo, striped bass and white bass. The advisory is in effect for the Trinity River Basin which includes Lake Livingston and the Trinity River from U.S. 287 downstream to U.S. 90.

Read more at Texas Department of State Health Services…

Cruise for 2 - 8 days - 7-nights plus Airfare - TBBU Raffle Tickets!

Who wouldn’t want to go on an eight day cruise for the cost of a raffle ticket?

Texas Black Bass Unlimited (TBBU) is offering, through raffle, a cruise to anywhere Royal Caribbean goes, including airfare!! The raffle tickets are available now for $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00. Please go to our contact page & let us know how many you’d like. We’ll get right back to you. Thank You!

  • Prize #1 – Cruise for 2, Anywhere Royal Caribbean Goes, for 8-Days & 7-Nights, Airfare Included
  • Prize #2 – HOWA Series 1500 .243 Lightweight Rifle w/ Scope and Case
  • Prize #3 – $500.00 Cash
  • Prize #4 – $200.00 Cash
  • Prize #5 – $100.00 Cash

Drawing to be held December 12, 2015 at the Oasis in Uvalde, Texas

TBBU Raffle Tickets

Vote Yes on Proposition 6 on November 3rd!

The Texas Right to Hunt, Fish and Harvest Amendment…

 Proposition 6 is on the November 3, 2015 ballot in Texas as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment. The measure would add the right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife to the Texas Constitution and designate hunting and fishing as preferred methods of controlling and managing wildlife.

The proposed amendment would add a Section 34 to Article 1 of the Texas Constitution. The following text would be added by the proposed measure’s approval:

Sec. 34.
(a) The people have the right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife, including by the use of traditional methods, subject to laws or regulations to conserve and manage wildlife and preserve the future of hunting and fishing.
(b) Hunting and fishing are preferred methods of managing and controlling wildlife.
(c) This section does not affect any provision of law relating to trespass, property rights, or eminent domain.
(d) This section does not affect the power of the legislature to authorize a municipality to regulate the discharge of a weapon in a populated area in the interest of public safety.


As of 2015, eighteen states have constitutional amendments providing for the right to hunt and fish. Vermont was the first state to constitutionalize such a right in 1777. The other sixteen states have all adopted right to hunt and fish amendments since 1996. The following is a list of states with constitutional amendments establishing the right to hunt and fish:

1777: Vermont
1996: Alabama
1998: Minnesota
2000: North Dakota
2000: Virginia
2003: Wisconsin
2004: Louisiana
2004: Montana
2006: Georgia
2008: Oklahoma
2010: Arkansas
2010: South Carolina
2010: Tennessee
2012: Idaho
2012: Kentucky
2012: Nebraska
2012: Wyoming
2014: Mississippi
California and Rhode Island have constitutional amendments guaranteeing the right to fish, but not to hunt. Florida and New Hampshire have statutes proclaiming a right to hunt and fish, but not constitutional amendments.

Voters in Texas will vote on a right to hunt and fish amendment on November 3, 2015, and voters in Indiana will vote on one in 2016.

Please join with TBBU in voting YES on Proposition 6 on November 3, 2015!

(All or part of this content is from http://ballotpedia.org/)