Summer 2015 LLFoR Newsletter

WOW! The past 90 days have been a whirlwind of activity! Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoirs (LLFoR) added the Corrigan-Camden High School to its list of partners, for a total of six ISD’s involved in the habitat restoration project. We have one more School District, which has expressed interest in joining forces with us. […]

Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoirs holds it’s 2nd Lake Livingston aquatic plant planting

Students from six ISD’s participated in the event!

Livingston, TX, September 15, 2015: Six Independent School Districts and 39 volunteers participated in the project to plant American Water-willow into the shoreline and islands in the Kickapoo Creek area of Lake Livingston. The school districts were Coldspring-Oakhurst Consolidated, Corrigan-Camden, Goodrich,

Livingston, Onalaska and Shepherd High […]

Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoirs (LLFoR) needs your help

On Tuesday, September 15th, LLFoR will be planting approximately 2,000 American Water-willow aquatic plants in the Kickapoo Creek area.Six Independent School District students and teachers who have been growing these plants in their aquatic tanks, will be planting them in six (6) inches of water on islands and some shorelines. The Onalaska High School FFA […]