About TBBU

Texas Black Bass Unlimited (T.B.B.U.) is a non-profit (501c) corporation organized in 1985. Through the efforts of the original handful of conservation minded freshwater fishermen, the organization has grown to become a statewide organization of fishermen and other conservation minded individuals today.

Texas Black Bass UnlimitedIn keeping with these goals and objectives, T.B.B.U. has accomplished the following:

  • Contributed over $100,000 toward the completion of the Texas Fresh Water Fisheries Center, an innovative aquarium and hatchery complex managed by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
  • Promoted annual inner-city youth fishing programs to teach them the joys of fishing and build character.
  • Marked dangerous river channels accesses.
  • Built public fishing piers for the elderly, handicapped, and underprivileged.
  • Established fresh water habitat’s in several Texas lakes.
  • Worked vigorously to oppose legislation relating to our Texas streams, rivers, and lakes that was either harmful or not cost effective. One of our current ongoing projects is the Red River Chloride Project.
T.B.B.U. is supported in these efforts through the annual dues from their membership and from contributions received from both individuals and companies. T.B.B.U. has a Platinum Sponsor program through which companies can be associated and recognized as a contributor to the organization. Partners in Conservation are recognized by T.B.B.U. in all publications and events.