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Press Release

Livingston Lions have Aquatic Nursery Tanks Operational

“Bringing Lake Livingston Back To Life”

Livingston, Texas, June 4, 2014:  Livingston High School’s PT Mahoney and his students have completed building their first two Aquatic Nursery Tanks.  The Master Naturalist want to thank PT and his students for their work and support, “GO LIONS”!  On Wednesday the first aquatic plants, American Water Willows, were transferred to Lions’ tanks from the Piney Wood Lakes Chapter of Texas Master Naturalist tanks.  As soon as additional plants are made ready by the Master Naturalist, additional aquatic plants will be added to the Lions’ tanks.  This should be completed within a week to 10 days.

The Trinity River Authority donated these two tanks to Livingston High School.  The Master Naturalist would like to thank Mark Waters and Trinity River Authority for their donation and participation in this project to restore native aquatic vegetation back into Lake Livingston.  The advisors on this project are:  Friends of Reservoirs, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department – Inland Fisheries Division, Trinity River Authority, Polk County Chamber of Commerce and the Piney Wood Lakes Chapter of Texas Master Naturalist.  The official project title is “Lake Livingston Reservoir Fisheries and Riparian Habitat Enhancement Project”, and it is a 10-year project to grow aquatic plants at the School District and transplant the plants into Lake Livingston.  The Project’s MOTTO is, “Bringing Lake Livingston Back to Life”. 

It was the Livingston School Administration that gave the Master Naturalist the idea to grow the plants at the schools, have the students care for and propagate the plants through splitting, assist in the transportation to Lake Livingston, and then plant them into the Lake.  A total of nine school districts have either adopted the idea, or have expressed interest is participating in the project.  Funding is the key obstacle to getting the tanks up and running at all the schools.  We have plans for a total of 25 aquatic tanks on campuses to grow 10,000+ plants per year, and we currently estimate students will participate in two or three Lake plantings per year.  The plants have a very fast growth rate, and will need to be split

every six or seven weeks during the growing season.  When tanks are full, two-thirds of the plants will be transported to the Lake and planted.

This project will have long term effects on the Lake’s fisheries, birds and reptilian habitat, will improve water quality and filtration, slow bank erosion.  It is also expected to improve the local economies through making the Lake a more desirable destination for local residents and tourists.  In addition, it will bring fisherman, attract large fishing tournaments, bird watchers, nature lovers and increase water recreation overall.

If you would like additional information on this project please visit our website at .   If you would like to donate or sponsor an aquatic tank at school, please contact Tom McDonough, (832) 236-0723 or e-mail or contact Jim Meyer at (713) 828-4660 or e-mail .

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