June 10, 2015 Houston Chronicle Story

The Houston Chronicle ran a story on Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoirs’ efforts to restore the shoreline vegetation using American water willow.

“The future of Lake Livingston’s largemouth bass, crappie, sunfish and the dozens of other aquatic wildlife species dependant on healthy, robust shallow-water habitat may be brighter because of what’s growing in almost two-dozen 5-foot-by-16-foot tanks scattered on school campuses in towns around the sprawling reservoir astride the Trinity River.

The open, plastic-lined tanks hold a couple feet of water and scores of submerged pots from which sprout stems of American water-willow – a sturdy, leafy, native aquatic plant that thrives in shallow water. It is the kind of vegetation that provides crucial habitat for many freshwater game fish and the food web that supports them.”

Houston Chronicle, read more…

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