Lake Conroe Stump Removal

The San Jacinto River Authority has approved/permitted StumpBusters of Madison, Georgia to remove stumps in Lake Conroe.

This “permit” applies to any contract signed by the LCA, any sub-division or any individual lakefront property owner.

The proposal is for the removal of 400-500 stumps at a cost of $32,000-$40,000.

Mark Webb, TPWD Inland Fisheries, District 3-E and Craig Bonds, TPWD, Inland Fisheries, Director, Region 3 are not in agreement with this action.

Mark Webb stated that “submerged timber constitutes an important source of fish habitat in Lake Conroe and TPWD is only in favor of removal of an absolute minimum of “stumps” to allow safe boat roads through heavily timbered areas. The low water level should not be seen as an opportunity to remove as many stumps as possible from the reservoir.”

He also stated that “we (TPWD) would like to work with the LCA, SJRA and others concerned to take this opportunity to open access for safe boat passage and potentially find a partner to mark the boat roads for everyone to use.”

TBBU’s response to the proposal is that Texas Black Bass Unlimited, Texas Association of Bass Clubs and Sensible Management of Aquatic Resources Team oppose any stump removal for Lake Conroe for too many reasons to totally list.

A few major reasons are:

  • stumps are extremely valuable habitat for our fisheries
  • stumps help prevent erosion where wave action from wind and large boats continually play havoc on existing shorelines 
  • with so much of our habitat depleted because “The Plan” agreed to was not adhered to, we feel that allowing the Lake Conroe Association to destroy more habitat for aesthetic purposes should not be allowed.

We will fight this in whatever manner is necessary. Lake Conroe belongs to all Texans and not just Lake Conroe residents.

We do support any clearing of stumps and/or standing timber for safe boating access only.

If you are in support of this issue, please contact any TBBU officer and/or Craig Bonds, TPWD Region 3 Director at or Tim Cook at 210-414-3554.

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