Lake Livingston Receives Fish Attractors Thanks To TBBU

Lake Livingston Receives Fish Attractors Thanks To TBBU

Dozens of fish attractors were deployed on 1/24/17 by Texas Black Bass Unlimited in Lake Livingston. These attractors are designed to draw bait fish as well as prey fish to them.

Jan 17

These type of attractors have been in use all over the country successfully.  They are sustainable due to the slow breakdown rate of PVC under water and though they don’t gather organic matter a quick as organic structures, they do work.

Jan 2017

Many reservoir fisheries require some help as natural habitat such as trees & shrubs had been stripped from the valley before it was flooded.

Jan 2017

Working to improve fisheries in the U.S. is an ongoing task that a few of us are undertaking every year. Texas Black Bass Unlimited is one of those, for 30 some years now. 

Join the lake savers around America! Let’s help our environment & preserve something for our future generations!!

Livingston Attractors 1/24/17
In Decimal Degrees

Tigerville (about 30 @ each coordinate)
30.71417, -95.04974
30.71238, -95.05648

Kickapoo (about 10 @ each location)
30.83531, -95.08615
30.84089, -95.08363
30.84360, -95.08123
30.84418, -95.08123
30.84509, -95.07937
30.84550, -95.07914
30.84955, -95.08097
30.85134, -95.07856

We hope this help fishermen in their quest!!

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