State Loses a Great Freshwater Sportsman

Lindy Ellason Passed away (1931-2014)

Houston, Texas March 18th, 2015.   Lindy Ellason was a giant among his peers.  He was a top-leading advocate for freshwater fishermen, water quality, habitat and outdoor naturalists and enthusiasts.  He worked with some of the largest names in the fishing world, such as Ray Scott, Earl Bentz, Doug Hannon and several Texas Parks and Wildlife commissioners, two very dedicated TPWD executive directors and many TPWD, Inland Fisheries Department personnel.  Lindy was a very integral part of founding Sensible Management of Aquatic Resources, Texas Black Bass Unlimited, Inc. (T.B.B.U.) and Texas Outdoor Partners.  He supported Texas Association of Bass Clubs for many years.  Lindy was also involved with the Texas State Bass Tournament for over 40 years.  Lindy and his wife helped to start the Two of Us Bass Club in 1972, and they continued to be active members until his death. To say the least, Lindy gave back in so many ways to our fishermen and fisheries in the great state of Texas.

Listed below are some of the areas that Lindy was involved in with his support:

  • Worked to change the 10 fish, 10” length limit to the 5 fish, 14” length limit – in the mid-80’s in Texas. This has been a monumental success.

  •  Marked the River Channel, 20+ miles on Lake Livingston – for safer boating.

  •  Helped to raise thousands of dollars for the building of the Athens Fish Hatchery.

  •  Raised funds for the Athens Tram, used to transport children, the elderly and the physically challenged.

  •  Helped plant native grasses, cypress and willow trees on Lake Livingston and Lake Houston.

  •  Served as a committee member with the BASS Research Foundation in 1980 and helped raise over $98,000 for their organization.

  •  Fought the paper mill issue on Lake Sam Rayburn, which lasted for about three years.

  •  Championed public access and other projects which Lindy was “instrumental” in.

On their behalf, his wife Sylvia has donated three aquatic plant tanks to the Lake Livingston Friends of Reservoirs and T.B.B.U.   He and his wife are still giving back to fresh water projects they deeply believed in.

All those who knew Lindy are saddened by the loss of such a great fresh water advocate.

State Loses a Great Freshwater Sportsman

State Loses a Great Freshwater Sportsman

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